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Gardens Open For Charity

The Gardens & Victorian Tea Room will be open for the National Garden Scheme on Sunday 9th July, 1-5pm. Please see News & Events page for details.

The Tudors

A Place fit for a Queen

It is 1583. The Lord Chancellor, Sir Christopher Hatton, has finished building Holdenby Palace, the largest house in Elizabethan England. He awaits the visit of Queen Elizabeth I. Our lively Tudor days encourage children to relate to features of Tudor society and see how different people lived then. Tudor characters will take you through a range of activities:

  • Herbs - health, smells, superstitions and the Plague.
  • Cooking - diets of the rich and the poor in Tudor England.
  • Pike drill - watch as children are turned from a rabble to trained infantry.
  • Architecture - compare Holdenby Palace to that of the Cruck Cottage.
  • Archery - find out about the role of the archer in Tudor warfare and practice archery yourself.
  • Calligraphy - learn some of the principles of Tudor schooling and learn to write with a Quill pen.
  • Felt making - from fleece to fabric; make a piece of felt.
  • Heraldry - how to recognise friend or foe. Design your own shield.

This covers various aspects of the National Curriculum KS2 and KS3

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