In the last 25 years, the house and gardens have been lovingly restored to their former splendour. The work never ends. Sometimes there are o pportunities for others to become involved in preserving the heritage of Holdenby. If any of the projects below interest you, please contact the Commercial Manager by telephone on 01604 770074 or by email at office@holdenby.com.

Water Tower

Until quite recently, Holdenby had its own independent water supply, for which this wonderful Victorian water tower was constructed on the edge of beautiful woodland, overlooking the park.

We are looking for someone with an imaginative plan to make use of this unique feature, whether for commercial, residential or recreational use.


Our small team of gardeners work tirelessly to keep the gardens and grounds immaculate, but they always welcome an extra pair of hands.

If you would like to be a voluntary worker in the gardens, perhaps to help gain the experience for a paid gardening job in the future, our head gardener Matt Hughes would be delighted to hear from you.


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